A young professional and aspiring digital media specialist who will aid your company with a well-rounded and critical perspective on design.

eager to grow and learn

With already more than one year of experience gained during my undergrad, I am excited to learn and to grow in a variety of professional settings.

comprehensive media knowledge

Through both course work and internships, I know how to use Adobe Creative Suite, WordPress, HTML/CSS, Hootsuite, social media sites (e.g. Facebook and Twitter), and am a quick learner.

critical, Creative thinking

As a double major in both Art and Philosophy and Religion, I developed creative problem solving while also crafting a sharp, critical mind to analyze any situation effectively.

an adventerous individual.

my attributes

Both Professional and Personal

1. Innovative
2. Takes Initiative
3. Creative
4. Eager to Learn

5. Collaborator
6. Intentional Communicator
7. Critical Thinker
8. Optimistic

my latest accomplishments & adventures.

contact me

The best way to reach me is through email. I have also added my LinkedIn and my phone number as alternatives for contact.