graphic design

I have accomplished a variety of work in graphic design, as shown from examples pulled from experiences in my classroom, employment, and extracurricular activities.

graphic design course final

Before taking graphic design at Bridgewater College, I had yet to encounter it; however, I had a great affinity for it. Below is my final I created for the course. Our prompt was to create a mock pamphlet about the event happening at a real festival or conference. I chose to create one about an interfaith conference. 


My idea was to use refracting light to show how different pathways to nonviolence can be realized in different religions. I used the motif of the refraction of light and triangles to represent prisms through which the light passes. This created a cohesive structure throughout my entire piece, where I used a three-column structure to organize the amount of information needed to go into the pamphlet. For the images I found on Creative Commons, I attempted to keep them all similar through the desaturation of the colors. My color choice was primarily analogous, staying in the blue to purple range with an off-white, cream color to create the effect of the glowing light paths when needed.


digital scholarship gurus

As a part of the team of Digital Scholarship Gurus, I helped to create a variety of graphics. The ones I chose to include here are a part of my best. In the 2019 spring semester, the Guru program decided to begin hosting workshops for Bridgewater faculty and students to attend to learn skills like photography and graphic design in the most basic format. For the photography workshop, I created a poster, located on the left, and a take-home brochure, located on the right. I wanted each to have as much information as possible in a digestible form while also showcasing that the Digital Scholarship Guru program was hosting the event. The muted, saturated blue was to catch people’s attention but not overwhelming.


Below are icons I created for professors to use on Canvas, the learning management system to which Bridgewater College was moving. I created two series, and I have included part of my “orange series” below. Using the limited icons, I attempted to create a cohesive line of icons that convey the destination of where the it would lead quickly and effectively.


spiritual life board

During my time on the Spiritual Life Board at Bridgewater College, I was the go-to individual for creating flyers. While I had taken graphic design previously and understood Abode InDesign and Illustrator, I needed to create quick and easy posters. To solve this, I used as a base for templates and graphics that I would edit to make my own, unique design. 


For each poster, I wanted to evoke a certain feeling. For example, the Spiritual Cider event, for the far-left poster, was held in November and aimed for people to drink warm cider and write what they were thankful for in a participatory activity. Therefore, I chose a warm, inviting photo and kept the typeface elegant, minimal, and simple.


habitat for humanity

During my time working on the executive board for the campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity at Bridgewater College, I created their advertising materials. Below is a progression of posters I created over time to showcase the opportunities the club presents. The poster on the far-right was the most successful because of the amount of interest it generated. I wanted to focus on the opportunity for students to visit Florida for a cheap amount and evoke a sense of being by the beach with the photo I chose.