Below you can see the breadth of experience and education I have had in a variety of settings. My awards are also listed below.


B.A. in Philosophy and Religion & Art with Digital Media Concentration

Minor in Peace Studies | GPA: 3.6

Education Abroad: Meknes, Morocco (Semester); Oxford, United Kingdom (May Term)

Relevant Coursework: Photography ▪ Graphic Design ▪ Videography ▪ Web Design ▪ Visual Design ▪ Peace and Conflict Resolution ▪ Interfaith Leadership ▪ Professional Ethics ▪ Women’s History ▪ Modern Political Thought

Relevant Experience

(AmeriCorps National Position)

-Create a variety of graphics for events and the home buyer program using Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premier Pro, and Canva along with photography at each event for future advertising needs

-Develop, design, and edit a weekly e-blast and bi-monthly newsletter for 4,000 community members

-Collaborate with communications team on Annual Dinner event, providing all graphic design content

-Manage Facebook for home buyer program advertising new program opportunities

-Filmed and edited a successful video for the 2019 Annual Report in a two-week timeline with limited equipment

-Taught student ethical concepts of Aristotle, Kant, and Mill twice per week

-Developed effective studying methods for the student to use outside of sessions

-Help students to work with digital platforms including WordPress, Canva, and Adobe Creative Suite

-Manage Facebook and Twitter for Guru program to advertise both digital scholarship and services available

-Visit classes to teach digital platforms for faculty using digital scholarship in the classroom

-Grew Facebook group from 31 to 75 members to cultivate community of practitioners

-Traveled independently to Israel-Palestine for three weeks to interview seven organizations

-Took initiative to plan meetings with organizations and find them on own with limited language ability; learned about the organizations, their goals, and actions on nonviolent resistance, conflict resolution, and advocacy work

-Published a blog on OEP website about the trip and wrote an article published in OEP newsletter connecting issues happening in America and Israel-Palestine

-Interviewed and photographed students for blog and promotional materials for program focused on at-risk junior high youth

-Acquired photojournalism skills

-Mentored students twice per week to develop time management and study skills

-Actively listened to understand how to approach each student individually

-Taught a classroom of thirty middle-school-aged students despite own limited language ability in Moroccan Arabic and French

-Developed lesson plans for the entire semester to build upon students’ skills in basic English

-Created an encouraging environment in the classroom conducive for learning

Collegiate Activities and Associations

-Planned and coordinated outreach for alternative spring break trips to build and revitalize homes in impoverished areas

-Promoted club and planned events that raise awareness on campus on the issue of housing

-Planned and lead large and small events in collaborative group setting

-Created graphics and posters to market events on campus

-Conversed on diverse value and religious systems respectably and constructively

-Planned two banquets and two social events for students in the honors society during the academic year

-Collaborated and brainstormed with professors to have engaging events for students

-Attended informational workshops for using tools, research and evaluation methods for building peace

-Co-created a workshop on healthy relationships for middle school education

-Planned a six-week workshop series to educate new members on the expectations and history of Alpha Phi Omega

-Led planned workshops to teach and facilitate a successful cohort of new members


This award reflects the Philomathes Society’s desire to encourage intellectual curiosity, research and creativity by honoring a student who demonstrates a desire to pursue an individual intellectual project.

This award is presented annually to a senior who has demonstrated citizenship and made contributions within the college community.

This award is given to students who have demonstrated a high degree of leadership in their internship.

This is a competitive scholarship for undergraduate students studying abroad who receive Pell Grant funding.

In the spring of 2016 and 2017, art I had created while at Bridgewater College was included in a judged art show on campus.