I first encountered videography in fall 2018. In the course, I learned about lighting for video, different types of shots, set-ups for recording videos, basic audio skills, and how to edit post-production in Adobe Premiere Pro. Below is the second video, named eyeshadow, I created in the course based on the prompt of recording someone doing an action. Our final product had to incorporate a variety of shots, include music, and record an interview with the subject. 

I chose my subject because of her skill and passion in doing her makeup. I wanted the feeling of the video to be light, airy, and fun because that is how she enjoys doing her makeup. Originally, my shots were of all the steps of her putting on makeup, but I narrowed my focus to eyeshadow because of the amount of shots I had and the visual appeal of it. I spent fifteen hours in total perfecting my video with the skills I had at the time, and the final product is something of which I am proud.

The final project for the videography course was a collaborative video about a professor who would be teaching in the Digital Media Master’s program at Bridgewater College. We had a three-shot set up, and I was in charge of the video with Dr. Brophy. In post-production, I took the lead of directing the roles of each individual and oversaw editing in general. As a team, we decided to focus on the cyborg, digital-esque theme as evident in the design of the title cards and in the intro, which I created myself.